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Virginia Elwood is a co-owner of the collective THIS TIME TMRW in Brooklyn NY. She’s a Rochester NY native who started tattooing in Boston in 2001. Specializing in bold colorful work and black and grey portraiture, Virginia's tattoos are influenced by traditional Americana, textiles and folk art.

Virginia and her work have been prominently featured in publications including The NY Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, Refinery29 and TTTISM. In her fine artwork Virginia attempts to marry the simplicity of traditional tattoos with non-traditional subject matter and mediums. Her recent works explore the concept of the body as a landscape and the ways we protect and project ourselves. Using yarn and fibers made with acrylic paint Virginia weaves and layers protective barriers and points of entry on painted canvas. To view recent works click here.

Virginia has had work shown at Ricco Maresca Gallery, The New York Historical Society, as well as Mana Contemporary during Art Basil in Miami. Virginia is interested in exploring the melding of activism and art. Specifically how art (and tattooing) can be used as an agent for personal and political growth. She has organized and participated in charitable events for social change such as “Oh Cancer Up Yours” for Gildas Club, P.Ink and the Women’s Prison Association.

If you are interested in making an appointment, purchasing artwork, or collaboration opportunities please send me an email with a brief description of the tattoo you'd like at

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