Love fest

I'm still not sure how I feel about this post called '10 female tattoo artists we have a crush on' from I'd be lying if I said that a part of me wasn't flattered. People will probably always be judged on their appearance, and even though I'm aware of how arbitrary and unproductive it is, I make snap judgements all the time based on how someone looks. I suppose one of the only good things about this practice is the opportunity it gives us to constantly be taken by surprise and proven wrong in our assessments. I've created my own list of female tattoo artists I have a crush on. It's not based on how beautiful these women are (but I can assure you they are all beautiful inside and out), but on their amazing contribution to our craft. I'm sure I've left people out, feel free to leave your own suggestions in the comment box!

Stephanie Tamez... real life wife, one of the most sought after tattooers in NYC

Katja Ramirez... my sister from another mister, I nicknamed her "Sleevie Nicks"... check out her work to see why

Michelle Tarantelli... one of the most creative people I've ever met. Her take on tattooing, art and life in general is inspiring.

Darcy Nutt... this girl really showed me the ropes early on in my career, and continues to blow my mind with her tattoos

Dawn Cooke... amazing fine artist and strong voice for female tattoo artists

Marina Inoue... sick traditional work, NYC is sorry to have lost her to Richmond Virginia

Debra Yarian... wonderful person, talented artist, an icon in our industry

Michelle Myles... has been paving the way for the younger generation of tattooers for years, owns Dare Devil Tattoo... one of NYC's top tattoo studios

Nikki Lugo... always has a smile for you, but don't be fooled, her tattoos will kick your ass

Katie Sellergren... has carved an impressive niche for herself with her incredible approach to tattoo lettering... but beware, this girl is not a one trick pony

Claire Vuillemot... one of my earliest influences. You can spot a Claire original from a mile away

Sarah Schor... moved to NYC from the UK last year and is taking America by storm with her beautiful work

Valarie Vargas... haven't had the chance to meet Valerie yet, but I've admired her work from afar for a long time

Lori Leven... ok, so Lori isn't a tattoo artist, but as owner of New York Adorned (and now Love Adorned) she has been a taste maker and heavy hitter in our industry for over 20 years


Here are a few tattoos of beautiful ladies I've done recently