More Costa Rica

I've been driving around Costa Rica on an ATV for most of my trip... I was only supposed to have it for three days, but it makes me feel like I'm in Mad Max en Espanol so Stephanie let me keep it. We have been coming home before dark because we've heard it can get sketchy here at night, but we had late drinks with some friends this evening and didn't start for home until well after dark (late here is 8 pm because everyone gets up with the sun at 6 am).

No scary dudes stopped us or anything, but a half mile from home we got chased by some terrifying stray dogs! They were snapping and growling at our feet and I had to speed off... but try 'speeding off' on a quad with a drunk mexican (that would be Stephanie) behind you while eating dust and navigating potholes! All in the dark! And barefoot! The quad doesn't go very fast, but somehow we lost the dogs. I was so freaked out, all I could do was laugh... just the way it goes: we had been too scared to go out after dark for fear of robbery or surprise sex, only to be chased by a pack of ferrel dogs. Tomorrow I trade the quad for a jeep!