Tales from the Tattoo Crypt: Part 1

As a tattooer, I hear the craziest stories. I tend to forget most of them, but after hearing this gem, I realized I needed to start documenting them.

One of my favorite clients was in the other day and the topic of autism came up. He has a friend who has a friend who has a 16 year old autistic son. He's high functioning enough to be left alone while she's at work. So she gets a call on her cell phone from her son, he's saying 'mom, mom I caught a troll! A real live troll!' Thinking he's just playing around, she reminds him that he can't bother her while she's at work.

Ten minutes later she gets another ย call from her son... same thing, 'mom, for real! I caught a troll!' This time she hears something in the background and decides it's time to go home and investigate. There's a closet beneath the staircase in the front hallway and someone is banging on the door from the inside.

The "troll" happens to be a midget! And not just any midget. Apparently, this person had come to the door collecting the 2010 census reports and the autistic son grabbed him (thinking he was a troll) and stuffed him in the closet! He had been in there for over an hour. As if little people didn't have enough to worry about!

I was laughing too hard to find out what happened after that, but next time my client comes in, I'll press him for more details.

UPDATE: I knew it might be too good to be true. I'll continue to write up my clients crazy stories, even if they're fake.